127: Rediscovering your sex drive with Betony Vernon

Welcome to today's podcast with Betony Vernon, who is a bold and boundary defying sexual anthropologist, erotic jewellery designer and the author of the Boudoir Bible: The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today. Her personal mission is to help women and men enjoy and share pleasure and her book encapsulates this mission, with a second book coming very soon which we'll hear about today. Betony's book, Boudoir Bible, is a comprehensive and instructional guide to a new sexual landscape, encouraging greater sexual expression that expands and challenges readers to experiment with new routes to pleasure.

Betony is a clinical hypnotherapist and uses other tools like ribbons and restraint, to help women and couples break old beliefs and paradigms to discover greater sexual awakening. You might be aware already, but the festival FORMAT is happening in Arkansas, Bentonville from 23rd - 25th September. It's a brand new music festival launching that celebrates the arts and technology with installations, a music lineup of dreams and art exhibitions with live performances from artists like Betony. Tickets are available, so do have a look on this link if you don't have one: https://www.format-festival.com/

Find more information on Betony:

Instagram: @betonyvernon

Books: https://www.betonyvernon.com/books/

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