126: Navigating the quarter life crisis with Satya Byock

On today's podcast, I am speaking to Satya Doyle Byock, the psychotherapist and bestselling author of Quarterlife: The Search for Self in Early Adulthood. I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed reading this book. It beautifully encapsulates those confusing and uncomfortable in-between years when you don't quite know if you're doing the right things. You may have expected to be a certain age when you get married or have a certain job, earn a certain amount of money but then your reality looks quite different to the plans, the dreams, and the expectations that you had for yourself.

So if you've ever felt undecided or a bit disappointed that life doesn't look exactly how you thought it might, then I hope you will feel reassured after listening to this interview with an amazing author and psychotherapist. 

Find more information on Satya Doyle Byock:

Website: https://satyabyock.com/

Instagram: @satyabyock

Book: https://satyabyock.com/quarterlife-book


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