124: Digital self-care and online abuse with Seyi Akiwowo

Seyi Akiwowo was elected as the youngest black female councillor in East London at the age of 23, and it was when she experienced online abuse herself while in this position that she decided to set up a charity to help support women and marginalised communities in an ever changing online world. Now, Seyi creates toolkits, guides and workshops to help prevent the spread of online abuse.

On top of the many lives Seyi has changed around the world, she's also a TEDx speaker and very active on Twitter. It is such an honour to invite this incredible woman on the show today to talk about her brilliant new book, How to Stay Safe Online. It shares all the tools you need to look after your mental health in an unstable online world that we're all part of. It's full of stats, insights and thoughtful advice we can all use on a daily basis to live happier and healthier online lives.

Find more information on Seyi:

Website: https://www.seyiakiwowo.com/

Instagram: @seyiakiwowo

Twitter: @seyiakiwowo

Book: https://www.seyiakiwowo.com/preorder


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