123: Healing past wounds for a better future with Donna Lancaster

Today's guest is Donna Lancaster, and she has been a pioneer in community healing for nearly 31 years. She is a facilitator, a coach and a therapist who is formerly the head of teaching at the Hoffman Institute UK and co-created the British Retreat, a six day transformational personal development experience.

Donna's work has been featured in leading publications from The Telegraph, Psychology, The Evening Standard, Huffington Post and many, many others. Donna's groundbreaking work was featured in the Amazon Prime documentary called Loved, which followed 12 people during her life changing Bridge retreat as they take the leap to overcome grief and loss in their lives. Her new book, The Bridge: A Nine Step Crossing Into Authentic and Wholehearted Living, is such a gift to us all. Donna shares her 31 years of wisdom, and while you read it, you can feel that deep healing presence on every page. This episode is so heartwarming and I can't wait for you to hear it.

Find more information on Donna:

Website: https://deepeningintolife.com/about/

Instagram: @donnalancs

Book: https://deepeningintolife.com/the-bridge-book/


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