122: How raising your vibration can help you manifest with Mandy Morris

On today's podcast, I am joined by the international best selling author and teacher, Mandy Morris. Her first book, Love "It's How I Manifest" was a global success. Since then she's been featured all around the world, teaching millions how to create the life they want and shift out of limiting patterns. Mandy's science and love based methods for creating instant and lasting change has been researched, studied and taught by therapists and coaches in the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, UK and the US. Mandy began her career counseling, studying psychology and also working in Norway, researching how psychosomatic health issues are created by thoughts, not environmental factors, and how individuals brain patterns can change through her communicative therapy methodology.

She has just released her latest book, Eight Secrets to Powerful Manifesting: How to Create the Reality of Your Dreams which focuses on the tiny actions we can all do to help us co-create the lives that make us feel really excited. Manifesting has become a bit of a buzzword and I've definitely started to find the conversation around it a bit fluffy, sometimes disingenuous, and oftentimes quite self-indulgent but Mandy's approach I found different. I'm so looking forward to diving into Mandy secrets and finding out how to live the most joyful and authentic life.

Find more information on Mandy Morris:

Instagram: @manifestwithmandy

Website: https://www.mandymorris.love/

Book: https://www.the8secrets.com/

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