121: Master your ego and change your life with Marcus Weston

Today, I am joined by a very special guest, someone who actually changed my life about 11 years ago. That is the spiritual teacher, Marcus Weston. He started his career in finance number crunching for Goldman Sachs until about 20 years ago when he realised his mission was to support pioneering leaders to be better and to create real change. 

This world desperately needs teachers like Marcus, and he has previously taught some of the most successful humans in the world, from business leaders to Heads of State to sports athletes. He draws from the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah to help expand consciousness, challenge thinking patterns and break open egos so that everyone can live the life they were meant to and deserve.

Find more information on Marcus Weston:

Website: https://www.kabbalah.com/en/people/marcus-weston/ 

Instagram: @iammarcusweston

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