120: Why movement is key to keeping your brain healthy with Caroline Williams

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Today's interview is Caroline Williams, a best selling author, a science writer and writes for many leading publications globally, from the New Scientist to the BBC to The Times, Telegraph, Boston Globe and many more. Her first hit book, Override, looks at rewiring the brain, and her latest book, Move, delves into why we need to move our body to look after our brain. This book had me glued to it and it is genuinely a must read for every single person. I had no idea how much of a disastrous affect our sedentary lives are having on IQ, mental health and of course, physical health as we've become addicted to our screens. Research suggests our intelligence and creativity has taken a hit and our anxious thoughts have multiplied as a result. I can't wait for you all to hear this conversation with Caroline, who writes in such a witty, fascinating and heavily researched backed way about why we need to move our legs and perhaps dance more too. I think we can all get on board with that!

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Website: https://www.carolinewilliams.net/

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Instagram: @carolinewilliams_science

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