119: A new approach to managing anxiety with Dr Ellen Vora

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On today's podcast, I am interviewing Dr. Ellen Vora, a holistic psychiatrist who is on a mission to break open old ways of treating mental health and instead offer an approach that considers the whole person and address the root cause. She spent nine years in medical school and then took it upon herself to research other methods of addressing mental health struggles that didn't seem to be getting fixed. Ellen learnt that there were more effective ways of thinking about the mind away from reflexively prescribing medication to suppress symptoms. She now takes a 360 approach when looking after patients, focusing on everything from physical health, sleep, nutrition, digestion, thought patterns, relationships and community to our connection with nature, creativity and purpose.

Not only this, but Dr. Ellen is an acupuncturist, a yoga teacher, and received her B.A. from Yale University and her M.D. from Columbia University. And she is board certified in psychiatry and integrative holistic medicine. I feel deeply passionate about Ellen's work because I fully agree the mind cannot fix the mind often. We can't talk about mental health as this separate thing. Luckily, Dr. Vora's new book, The Anatomy of Anxiety, is bursting with research and roads for where to understand mental health and anxiety in a new way, a way that truly gets to the heart of the problem and has the power to make a real significant change.

Find more information on Dr Ellen Vora:

Website: https://ellenvora.com/

Instagram: @ellenvoramd

Book: https://ellenvora.com/book/

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