From the Archive: Ode to Joysticks - Episode one

From 2018 we present the first of our three-part series Ode to Joysticks. Sit back and enter a parallel universe of video games music from the chunky world of 8-bit tunes to the full studio cinematic scores that define the modern immersive gaming experience.

Computer or Video games have been with us since the 70s, from their money gulping origins in the amusements arcade to the invasion of the home computer and the eating up our pocket money. What accompanied them was the most incredible inventive machine melodies, reveling in the limited channel and sounds. Pioneering composers and coders created tunes so annoying, so brilliant, so catchy, so avant-garde they’re practically invented their own genre of music.

On this first of three editions we attempt a rough history of video games music and try to unravel an 8-bit tune…with a professor, a doctor and one of the most legendary composers for the Commodore 64 - Professor James Newman, Dr Kenny McAlpine and Rob Hubbard.

From the Archive sees us dig into our extensive contemporary and classical music and cinema podcast archive as we rediscover interviews and discussions with artists, with our long-standing producer and presenter, Ben Eshmade. 

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