Zoey & Kelly Allen On Life As a Transgender Family

On this episode I’m joined by Zoey and Kelly Allen who are, along with their two kids and dog, an LGBTQ+ family. 18 months ago, Zoey came out as transgender to her wife Kelly and they started a new phase of their lives. Through their blog – Our Transitional Life – they document their journey and offer support to the LGBTQ+ community, showing that coming out can, overall, be a positive experience. The blog has gone on to win awards and was recently named the No.1 LGBTQ+ blog by Vuelio.

During our chat, Zoey tells me what it was like to slowly realise that she is a trans woman and talks about the fears she had, knowing that she had to tell Kelly.

Kelly talks about it from her side too, and it’s heart-warming to hear how she reacted to the news with love and support. I ask them what life as a trans family is like (“normal-ish!”) and how they told their kids and wider family.

You can read their blog here and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Zoey and Kelly also recently launched their own range of Kelzo handmade jewellery which you can check out here.

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