Hollie de Cruz On Navigating Motherhood Your Way

Becoming a mum is something that shifts our identity and we can often find ourselves trying to mother in a way that our culture and the media tells us we should. But my guest today says we should all try to do motherhood our own way, trusting our instincts and leaning into what we think we should do, not what we are being told to do by others.

Hollie de Cruz is a mum of two and a hugely successful hypnobirthing coach with clients including Fearne Cotton, Izzy Judd and Giovanna and Tom Fletcher. Hollie is also the creator of the award-winning yesmum positive affirmation cards and the author of two books – Your Baby, Your Birth and Motherhood Your Way. Her latest venture Here Hear is a platform to educate and support mums as they find their feet in this new world.

Follow Hollie on Instagram here and check out her books and hypnobirthing website.

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