Everyday Racism's Naomi On Raising The Next Generation Of Activists

There’s no denying that the conversation around race and activism is starting to slowly change – world events and movements like Black Lives Matter are hitting the headlines and entering into everyday discussion between friends in a way they weren’t before.

My guest on this episode is a huge contributor to that conversation as one half of the anti-racism Instagram account Everyday Racism, Naomi Evans along with sister Natalie shares stories and educational posts focusing on how to be anti-racist.

Naomi tells me about how they decided to start the platform after a video of Natalie confronting two men racially abusing a ticket conductor on a train went viral on Twitter. We also discuss how to discuss social injustice with our children and how to raise them as people who care about others, show empathy and guide them to do something about the injustice we see around us.

Please do check out their Instagram account Everyday Racism, it’s so useful and may well help enrich your understanding of the anti-racism work we all need to be doing.

You can visit their website to see the resources Naomi talks about and to donate to their Patreon. You can pre-order their book The Mixed Race Experience here.

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