Christine Armstrong On The Secret To Balancing Parenting And Work

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could wave a magic wand and fix all of your work/home life balance problems? While I can’t promise that this podcast episode will do that, my guest Christine Armstrong does reveal what she believes to be the solution to our work/parenting problems.

Christine is a mum of three and the author of The Mother Of All Jobs, a book which explores all of the angles of that common issue – making work work when you’ve got children. We cover a lot during our chat… Christine shares her own experience of discovering that it’s quite tricky to do it all when you become a mum and she talks about some of the people she interviewed for her book and shares their pearls of wisdom.

We chat about how the work place just isn’t designed for women and ways that couples can fairly divide up domestic duties so that it doesn’t all land on one person.

This episode is packed full of Christine’s clever observations and findings!

You can find Christine online at her website, Twitter and Instagram. And you can buy her book The Mother Of All Jobs here.

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