Ep 12: ‘Children of Blood and Bone’: Live with Tomi Adeyemi

This week’s episode is a real treat!  Books & Rhymes, PostColonialChild and BookShyBooks are in Bristol with Tomi Adeyemi, the amazing author of our unanimous favourite and highly recommended book, ‘Children of Blood and Bone’!

We discuss:

- Reimagining reality in fantasy fiction.
- The inspiration behind the bookgasmic cover of ‘Children of Blood and Bone’
- Racial characterisations in the genre and whitewashing in literary adaptations. 
- The importance of African mythology and Brazil in ‘Children of Blood and Bone’. 
- The socio-cultural impact of Children of Blood and Bone, and readers responses to it.
- Navigating the publishing industry as a debut author - including advice for writers.

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