NoSleep Podcast S18E06

Tune in to Episode 6 of Season 18 and get into the zone!

“Body Heat” written by P. F. McGrail (Story starts around 00:02:30)
Produced by: Phil Michalski
Cast: Narrator – Peter Lewis

“Beach Memories” written by Matt Tighe (Story starts around 00:07:30)
Produced by: Phil Michalski
Cast: Narrator – David Ault, Dad – James Cleveland, Mum – Erika Sanderson, Old Man – Andy Cresswell

“One More Slice at Enzo’s” written by Hans A Carpenter (Story starts around 00:14:40)
Produced by: Phil Michalski
Cast: Tommy – Dan Zappulla, Mikey – Atticus Jackson

“This Is What Evil Sounds Like” written by Alec Blome (Story starts around 00:38:50)
Produced by: Jeff Clement
Cast: Sherry Lynn Nance – Erin Lillis, Jack B. Frost – Graham Rowat, Pete – Jeff Clement, Woman on Phone – Mary Murphy

“Cleaning Out My Closet” written by Justin Wayne Ratliff (Story starts around 01:08:40)
Produced by: Phil Michalski
Cast: Narrator – Matthew Bradford

“Sing For Us Soon Again” written by E.W.H. Thornton (Story starts around 01:18:30)
Produced by: Jesse Cornett
Cast: Madri Kapoor – Katabelle Ansari, Hector – Guy Woodward, Penelope – Ilana Charnelle

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Executive Producer & Host: David Cummings
Musical score composed by: Brandon Boone
“Beach Memories” illustration courtesy of Krys Hookuh

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