Inside the oldest mental health facility in the UK - and how its principles haven't changed for more than 200 years

Following on from our popular 'outdoor episodes' in series 1, we’ve visited another place that shines a light on pioneering work to innovate mental health action across the UK.

For this episode, we’ve essentially come back to the beginning. We’ve come to not only the oldest Mental Healthcare institute in the UK but a place that is known across the world for something more groundbreaking.

The Retreat in Yorkshire has been helping people with a variety of mental health conditions for more than 225 years. It pioneered the early workings of moral treatment of its patients in a time when mental health sufferers were branded as lunatics or insane.

We’ll be meeting those who work at the centre now, and people have benefited directly from the services at the centre. We’ll also be getting more of an understanding about the history of the building and the Tuke Family which founded The Retreat in 1796 and how it has retained the essence of the original principals of moral treatment for more than 200 years.

If you'd like to find out more about the Retreat in York, you can visit  or call 01904 412551

This episode is presented and edited by Michael Pearson

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