The Purple Cup

This episode takes a look at the independent, uncommitted, and unenthusiastic voters who can't—or don't want to—pick a presidential candidate. And we ask how (HOW?) anyone could still be undecided when the two major party candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

We begin with the voters in 7-Eleven's coffee cup poll, which has predicted the outcome of the presidential election every time since it began in 2000. This year, coffee drinkers are opting out of the red Republican and blue Democrat cups in favor of a third option: the unaffiliated purple cup, which is winning with 40% of the vote.

You'll also hear from a group of undecided voters through our partnership with the Decode DC podcast.

Guests: BuzzFeed world news editor Hayes Brown, Decode DC host Jimmy Williams, assistant professor of political science Samara Klar, and campaign organizer Mitch Stewart.

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