The Times and Sunday Times Christmas Appeal 2021

The Times and The Sunday Times are joining forces again for this year’s Christmas appeal, asking readers to support three charities working to address urgent issues affecting vulnerable adults, children and the places in which we live.

One of the charities this year is the Refugee Councils of Britain, comprising the Refugee Council and its Scottish and Welsh counterparts. They provide assistance to 20,000 adults, families and unaccompanied children each year who have fled bloodshed and persecution in their homelands, sometimes arriving with only the clothes on their backs after perilous journeys.

Nestor Masudi arrived in the UK with nothing, but now he can cook with the very best. Thanks to support from the Scottish Refugee Council Nestor has worked in Michelin-starred kitchens and is on his way to fulfilling his dream of opening his own restaurant.

Giles Coren invited Nestor to join him for the afternoon in the News UK kitchens to talk about his life, the help he received from the Scottish Refugee Council and to sample some of his amazing food.

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Producer: Ben Mitchell

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