How to do a Home Workout

Want to move a bit? Hate the idea of doing it at home? Stevie and Tessa can’t tell you how to do the perfect press up (Stevie has no arm strength and Tessa arguably has no stomach muscles) but they can get you into the zone PSYCHOLOGICALLY. Practical tips on how to start, keep going and not get bothered by the dishes rattling in the cupboard every time you jump up and down. 

Good lockdown home workout resources (thanks everyone who messaged us!)

On Instagram:

@patrickmojoPT - Runs Zoom HIIT classes/has free YouTube HIIT classes. Stevie does this. 

@SitdownAJ - IG live dance workouts that are so easy to follow and fun! 

@curveswithmoves - IG live yoga classes! 

@moveyourframe - all different types of online classes 

@psyclelondon - IG live workouts all on their IGTV channel 

@womenshealthmag - all kings of daily IG live workouts to choose from 


Nike Run Club - app for guided runs and all things jogging. Tessa does this. 

PopSugarFitness - website with great resources, home workouts, form advice etc (warning: bit of focus on weight loss sometimes but overall about getting stronger) 

Dianne Buswell on YouTube - dance workouts with Joe Sugg 

Madfit on YouTube - Full body workouts, low impact, no equipment needed! 

Recorded and edited by Naomi Parnell for Plosive Productions.

Photos by Marco Vittur, jingle by David Dobson.

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