Venice VR Expanded, Immersive Art at Superblue, and What's Up with NFTs?

This week we've got some BIG NEWS about our upcoming events as we evolve into our next form (I'm hoping for Charizard) as a non-profit organization.

We've also got a regular episode for you with a fantastic lineup from Venice VR Expanded, Superblue, and more.

Venice VR Expanded w/ curators Liz Rosenthal and Michel Reilhac [5:33]

Immersive 101 [26:13]

Superblue's Kathleen Forde and Margot Mottaz interviewed by Ricky Brigante (Pseudonym Productions) [31:00]

Pick of the Week [43:35]

Jesse Damiani (Forbes) breaks down NFTs [47:58]

A look at The Next Stage 2022 Summit and The Immersive Experience Institute & Credits [1:01:00]

Associate Producer is Parker Sela

Headlines & Immersive 101: Kathryn Yu

Music: Chris Porter

Superblue Segment: Ricky Brigante

Produced, Mixed & Hosted: Noah Nelson

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