162 - Breaking the Gender Code with Danielle Dobson

In this episode, we welcome Danielle Dobson! Danielle is an Author, Speaker, Coach, and Advocate.

As a CPA with extensive 14-year corporate experience, Danielle has covered everything from private practice to multinationals and has lived and worked in 4 countries.

Seven years ago Danielle pivoted from her corporate career to helping working mothers find more freedom and fulfillment through coaching in wellbeing.

This change came on the heels of identifying the high level of stress and overwhelm experienced by working mothers - including herself. She quickly learned other factors were holding professional women - especially those in high-pressure roles - back from having the lives they want.

Danielle interviewed 50+ women (and a few good men) in leadership positions across a diverse range of industries to find what works in helping women use what they already have to get what they want, which she writes about in her book, “Breaking the Gender Code.

Now Danielle uses her body of work as she helps women break free from the Gender Code holding them back. She also helps organizations understand the impact of the Gender Code in their business.

Danielle says, “We don't have to accept the status quo and the negative impacts of the Gender Code. We can write and execute our own code by reprioritizing what is most important.”

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