Your Personal Leadership Audit: Discovering your leadership blind spots

Episode #186 // After being inundated with questions about our upcoming cohort of Leadership Beyond the Theory, we thought it would be useful to produce an episode for you to assess your current leadership capability.


By working through the 7 imperatives of my No Bullsh!t Leadership framework, you’ll be able to quickly determine where your blind spots are. What areas could you further develop, if you’re serious about reaching your full potential as a leader?


This is an exercise in self-awareness, and it’ll take some introspection on your part. To make this easier for you, we’ve developed a *FREE* editable PDF worksheet (which you can download here) that will take you through all the questions and reflections in the episode. I highly recommend you download the worksheet and go through it as you're listening to the episode! Press pause, rate yourself on the scale for each, then move to the next segment.

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