Why Can’t We Be Friends? Navigating friendships as a leader

Episode #197 // I first outlined one of my most important leadership philosophies in Ep.14: Friendly, But Not Friends. Since then, a few things have changed… 


We’ve listened to over 1,000 leaders, who’ve taken our flagship program, Leadership Beyond the Theory; societal standards have changed (yes, believe it or not, in only 3 or 4 years); Covid has come and (sort-of) gone; and I’ve been challenged by many leaders who’ve told me that they completely disagree with my Friendly, Not Friends principle.


Despite all of this, I still firmly believe in the need for professional distance between a leader and her people. In this episode, I update and reboot this important topic!

Every working relationship you develop will be different. But if you can manage to maintain professional distance, you’ll be able to lead your team more effectively, and your life will be a whole lot easier.

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