Trusting Your Instincts: Data isn’t everything

Episode #217 // In last week’s episode, we looked at high-impact decisions. They’re the ones that have potentially significant consequences, and strike fear into the hearts of most leaders when they have to make them.

But the vast majority of our decisions just aren’t like that. These days, where we have cheap, instantaneous access to virtually limitless amounts of data, you’d think our decisions would be noticeably better… but they’re not. 

There’s no substitute for judgment, and there are times when your instincts have to guide your decisions, even to the point where they override the available data.

Today’s episode explores the fallacy of over-reliance on data in the decision-making process, and puts a case forward for greater reliance on your judgment, experience, and intuition. I also give you three focus areas to help you improve your decision-making instinct, regardless of where you are now.

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