Too Many Cooks: Managing complex accountabilities

Episode #230 // In this modern era of enlightened inclusiveness, the pendulum has swung decisively from independently operating silos towards sharing and collaboration. This has seen the resurgence of role sharing, at all levels, in organizations of all sizes.

Collaboration is a critical ingredient to working successfully in the complex organizations we now live in. But what happens when accountabilities are split to the point where they become opaque, confused, or misunderstood? 

From low-level, part-time job sharing to co-CEOs of major global businesses, we witness the hazards of trying to share accountabilities. Humans just aren’t particularly good at it, for all sorts of reasons.

If you just want your people to be able to come to work, and feel good about contributing in a team environment with their peers, then shared accountabilities are just the ticket.

But, if it’s performance you’re after, it’s very unlikely that you’ll find it in a structure that assumes accountabilities can be spread across multiple people.

In this episode, I look at a number of different job-sharing models, and some of the problems they can create. And, of course being a practical podcast, I outline my 3-step process for structuring an accountable team.

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