The Wellness Puzzle with Kristel Bauer

Episode #271 // In today’s evolving world of business, there’s an ever-increasing focus on employee wellness. Mental health, which was a taboo subject until fairly recently, now has to be front-of-mind for every leader.

A leader’s duty of care for their people used to be confined to the workplace. Now, there’s an increasingly broad interpretation of a leader’s obligations to look after their people, which is much more holistic, and reaches well beyond the boundaries of the workplace.

And still, the vast majority of leaders have no training in psychology, and are ill-equipped to deal with many of the situations that inevitably arise.


This episode tackles some of the issues around employee health, wellness, and resilience, as they relate to business leadership… and to go really deep on this, I’ve enlisted the aid of wellness expert, Kristel Bauer, host of the Live Greatly podcast.


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