Trusting Your Team: Are you making this mistake?

Episode #283 // “If your people trust and respect you, there's nothing you can't say to them.

When we talk about trust in the context of leadership, it’s normally about how to get your people to trust you! And, of course, this should be a critical focus for leaders at every level. 

But today’s topic runs a little deeper: how much trust should you give to the managers who work for you?

Regardless of your org structure or the size of your team, at least some of your direct reports are bound to tell you that you should give them unconditional trust — to give them the benefit of the doubt, in every situation.

This raises a number of important questions: should your trust be unconditional? When should you choose not to give someone the benefit of the doubt? Should you trust every person equally? 

In today’s episode, I begin by explaining why trust has to be both given and earned. I explore how to deal with opinions, assertions, and unsupported claims in your leadership team. And I finish with some guidelines for making your interventions feel like they are trusting enquiries, not overbearing micromanagement.

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