The Power of Simplicity: Unlocking performance

Episode #222 // We live in a complex world… a world where, as a leader, you have to find a way to interpret the complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity, and turn that into clarity for your people.

The ability to understand and absorb complexity, to strip it down to its most essential form, and then communicate that to others is one of the most valuable skills you can possess… and it’s a skill that can be developed over time.

There’s a big difference between making the complex simple and oversimplifying things that you don’t sufficiently understand… and to lead effectively, you need to know the difference!

In this episode, I explain how simplicity enables you to focus on the most important things, and show how to use it to offset the dilution effect of communicating through multiple organization layers. And I give you six key areas to leverage simplicity for your people that will pay you back in spades.

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