The New Leaders’ Playbook: Where do you start?

Episode #209 // New leaders: this is the framework you need to follow if you want to be successful in your first leadership roles.


Experienced leaders: the reason so many new leaders struggle is because they’re given little direction and, as much as I hate to say this, poor role models to learn from… this is your opportunity to acquire some practical tools that you can use to coach, nurture, and develop your new leaders.


In this episode, I take a detailed look at the four key transition areas:

  • The mental and psychological transition;
  • Managing the work program;
  • Establishing relationships; and
  • Getting superior outcomes from your team.


I’ve curated a number of podcast episodes that will put practical tools and strategies in your hands, and help you master the transition to leadership, whether it’s your first leadership role, or you’re the one who has to guide a new leader through the maze.

I've also put together a *free* PDF resource with ALL the mentioned episodes in it, 'The New Leaders' Playbook', which you can get at 🚀

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