The Five Best Episodes of 2022: Chosen by Marty & Em

Episode #226 // This is the fifth Christmas for the No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast and, as we traditionally do at this time of year, Em and I are taking a look back on our catalog of episodes from 2022.

We smashed through the 3 million downloads milestone a few months ago, which is a whole lot of impact for the leaders in more than 150 countries who’ve tuned in… 

But, especially if you’re new to the podcast, you may have missed a few episodes in the last 12 months. So, in an effort to make sure you still get to capture the real gold, we’ve curated what we think are some of our not-to-be-missed moments.

These episodes capture the essence of concepts like working at level, maintaining professional distance, and setting high standards for performance, even in the trickiest of circumstances. We know you’ll love this cheat sheet for getting the “best of the best” from No Bullsh!t Leadership.

Here are the links to each of the episodes we talk about:

Honourable mentions

Marty - Ep.182: What is Strong Leadership? Taking people where they ought to be

Em - Ep.213: Getting an ROI From Your Leadership Training: Is it even possible?

Top 5

#5 - Ep.185: The Mental Health Minefield: How do you lead?

#4 - Ep.190: Leaving Space For People To Grow: Remembering Taylor Hawkins

#3 - Ep.197: Why Can’t We Be Friends? Navigating friendships as a leader

#2 - Ep.201: Finding Your Purpose: How important is it?

#1 - Ep.215: Results Or People: Which is more important?


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