The Accidental Leader: It’s the most common variety

Episode #286 // “While one in four people in the workforce have managerial responsibilities, very few have actually been trained. 82% of leaders are accidental.

Many people in leadership positions were promoted because they were good at their jobs — their technical jobs. When ambitious professionals want the status, the power, and the money that come with career advancement, they have to accept that leading other people comes with the territory.

With little leadership training, and even less desire to lead, they become ‘accidental’ leaders. So, I was interested when I came across an article in Fortune magazine: Nearly all bosses are ‘accidental’ with no formal training—and research shows it’s leading 1 in 3 workers to quit.


The fact that the vast majority of leaders and managers don’t receive any formal training isn’t particularly surprising… and the fact that workers are disgruntled with their managers is even less so.


It’s easy to read the headlines and accept them without question. In this episode, I take a peek behind the curtain to get to some better root cause analysis, and come up with some strategies that you can use to improve your leadership capability — with or without the formal training. 


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