Talent Management: Planning for the future

Episode #231 // If you’re a regular listener of No Bullsh!t Leadership, you’ll know that I speak about talent frequently, in a range of different contexts. But the word “talent” is so overused these days that it’s hard to differentiate between the real work of nurturing and developing your best people, and the more mundane aspects of running a business.

There’s a number of critical components to understanding and managing the talent you have—and you won’t know who your real talent is unless you implement a robust process across the whole team.

Sometimes, as busy as we are, we rationalize that it’s easier just to leave talent growth to happen organically. We tell ourselves that all our people are excellent, and we avoid the hard work of leadership.

But if you want your team to perform at its peak, it’s virtually impossible without a focus on performance and talent management.

In this episode, I cover the foundations of talent management, providing an overview of the five distinct elements that you need to have in order to make it work. And, given how daunting it can be, I also give you some suggestions for where to start, regardless of where you are today.


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