Taking Control of Your Future: Q&A with Marty and Em

Episode #274 // Since releasing our new self-paced short course, Landing Your Dream Job, we’ve had a stream of questions from our leadership community about whether or not the course is applicable to them.

In this week's episode, Em joins me as we answer two of the most commonly asked questions, which deal with key aspects of the job search process:

  1. How do I network and utilize my mentors most effectively?” and;
  2. How can I determine which role is best for me?

Your long-term career future is shaped by the decisions you make today, which is why you need to give yourself the best chance you possibly can of getting it right!


JOIN LANDING YOUR DREAM JOB: Our new short course framework gives you practical, achievable steps that will maximize your talent, experience, and professional potential!

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In the course we cover: 

  1. Targeting the right opportunities
  2. Mobilizing your network 
  3. Preparing for the interview 
  4. Asking the right questions 
  5. Evaluating a role 
  6. Negotiating your package


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