Successful Delegation: Why is it so important?

Episode #211 // Most leaders understand the concept of delegation pretty well, but they struggle to execute. There are any number of ways that delegation can go wrong… and even if it doesn’t actually go spectacularly wrong, unless you learn to optimize your delegation approach, you’ll never get the most out of your people.


You’ll always struggle with the massive workload that poor delegation foists upon you, and it will become a bad habit that becomes even more destructive the higher up you go. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.


In this episode, I take you on my career journey through the maze of delegation, and how I learned from my mistakes until I eventually became an expert in every aspect of it:

  • Knowing what to delegate
  • Knowing how to delegate it
  • And knowing how to satisfy myself that the results would be delivered successfully, without micromanaging my people


It saved me from an unsustainable workload, and that feeling of overwhelm that I know so many leaders suffer from.

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