Results Or People...which is more important?

Episode #215 // Adam Grant produces a huge volume of thoughtful, intelligent, insightful content on leadership and organizational behavior. And although his podcast, Work Life, isn’t on my high rotation list, I try to catch the odd episode now and then.


When I do, I often find myself thinking two things: 

  • The first is: “Wow, that is so good, but it would be so easy to misinterpret!”
  • The second is: “Wow, I agreed with you 100%, right up until the point that you said ‘x’!”

The crunch for me seems to come with the inevitable leadership trade-off: between doing the things that will make your people happy, and the (often difficult) counterbalance of getting outcomes for your organization.


In this episode, I explore the tension between people and results. How should you lead, if you want to create both? In my experience, it’s not an “either/or”…

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