Resilience Myths: What really makes you stronger?

Episode #228 // Since the Covid pandemic, resilience has captured a much greater share of our collective consciousness. And, as tends to happen, the world now seems to be flooded with “resilience experts”, who profess to be able to teach us how to handle the most difficult situations effortlessly. 

I’m not an expert in resilience per se, but through my own journey I can confidently say that I’ve become an incredibly resilient person. Maybe it just comes with a little age and maturity—but very little fazes me. 

Over the course of my corporate career, I became very comfortable handling all sorts of crises, while operating at the highest levels. And, if you were to ask the people who worked closely with me over the years, I’m sure they’d tell you that I’m extremely calm under pressure.

So, in this world of trite and pedestrian advice on how to become more resilient, I was happy to find a beacon of hope. Steve Magness released a book just a few months ago called “Do Hard Things: Why We Get Resilience Wrong and the Surprising Science of Real Toughness”.

In this episode, I look at a few of the principles Magness outlines in the book which, in my opinion, beautifully describe the relationship between the choices we make and our level of resilience. I also examine the link between routine and resilience, and I give you my top four hacks for learning how to do hard things.  

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