Quiet Quitting and Elon Musk: Q&A with Marty and Em

Episode #223 // There’s a lot going on in the world of work right now. The Covid pandemic was a huge catalyst for a major shift in how people see their careers and, more importantly, their lives.  


Since then, we’ve come through the Great Resignation, moved onto Quiet Quitting, and now we’re seeing mass layoffs. And the net result of all this? The latest figures in the US show a steep decline in productivity.


And then, there’s Elon Musk—always unpredictable, eccentric, and entertaining—but I don’t think he’s ever been accused of being a leadership role model.


In this Q&A episode, Em and I drill down to the heart of the matter, and offer some practical perspectives that you’ll find invaluable when trying to navigate these issues with your own people.

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