Managing Your Time and Energy: Master this, or burn out!

Episode #210 // We still get a seemingly endless stream of questions from leaders who feel as though they’re heading towards burnout, and have very little idea about how to stop the decline.


This ultimately comes down to being able to manage your time and energy effectively. Often, burnout is a slow creep, and it just chips away at you over time until you realize you’re not functioning at the same pace, and achieving the same performance that you used to.


You get that jaded feeling… you lose your zest and enthusiasm, and find it increasingly more difficult to keep up the energy for your team. Days that used to feel effortless become a real chore, and then you feel guilty about not bringing your best for your people.


In this episode, I give you strategies in three distinct areas that you can use to manage your time and energy, and rebuild your enthusiasm for the job, regardless of how you feel about it at this moment!

We've also put together a *free* PDF, A Leader's Time Audit, to help you make sure that you're only working on the things that really matter. Download the free PDF here.

The principles outlined in this episode are an extension of the Avoiding Burnout by Streamlining Your Leadership Approach training we ran in March 2022. If you like these practical tips, then make sure you register for our next free training: Delegate Your Way to Freedom: How Leaders Can Steer Clear of Excessive Hours & Overwhelm.

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