Leading Through Major Upheaval: 90% attitude, and a dash of realism

Episode #224 // There are many upheavals that you’re likely to experience throughout your career that will challenge you. And sometimes, they’ll push you to the very edge of your personal and professional capacity.


In my corporate career, I was fortunate to be involved in a number of significant business events, which stretched me well beyond my comfort zone. I realized that I needed to change my attitude and mindset, if I wanted to come out the other end with my sanity, health, and reputation intact!


At times like these, it’s not just about managing yourself, either: you have an obligation to your team to provide strong, stable, dependable leadership. You have to be the rock that they can cling to in the middle of a raging sea. 


In this episode, I deconstruct the leadership attitude and mindset that you’ll need to adopt in times of major upheaval, and give you my 7 ‘watch-its' to help you navigate the most common scenarios you’re likely to face.


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