Leading In a Low Performance Culture: Can it work?

Episode #239 // The proverbial high performing team has become a leadership cliché, and I can’t count the number of leaders who claim to have built a high performing team (often, despite objective evidence to the contrary).

But what if the culture you’re leading in is actually a low performance culture? We get lots of questions from leaders about the difficulties they have applying basic performance management principles and, more often than not, the root cause is a pervasive, low performance culture.

It can be particularly difficult to swim against the tide in these types of organizations and, as a leader, you have to decide what type of team you want, what type of results you want, and what you want your leadership brand to ultimately stand for.

In today’s episode, I give you a process that will help you to assess your culture for signs of endemic low performance… I explain why it can be so hard to improve low performance cultures… and I give you some tips for where to start if you decide to take on the challenge of leading in a low performance culture.


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