Leading in a Low-Accountability Culture: Q&A with Marty & Em

Episode #205 // Every piece of content we produce focuses on the link between leadership and performance. Value creation is the name of the game, so knowing what value is in your context is a prerequisite to delivering it.


But, despite our laser-like focus, many of our podcast listeners work in organizations that have a very different view on performance. And many of those organizations reward people for not making waves, rather than rewarding them for making a difference.


No culture is perfect, and performance is always plotted on a continuum. But if you do find yourself on the lower end of the range, working in a low-accountability culture that isn’t focused on performance, it doesn’t mean you should fall back into the comfortable mediocrity of your peers.


In this Q&A episode we address this issue head on, and give you some tactics to use when the culture you’re working in doesn’t support you to do the leadership things that will make the most difference.

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