Leadership is Never Black or White: 1,000 annoying shades of gray

Episode #273 // In order to convey the No Bullsh!t Leadership principles concisely, I explain them in quite categorical terms—it has to be that way so that you can understand the principles sufficiently well to implement them.

But, as with everything in life, nothing is just black or white… there are exceptions, there are judgment calls, and there are 1,000 annoying shades of gray!

A CEO who I’m quite close to recently challenged my mantra of friendly, not friends, and I realized that, while I explain the core principles in black-and-white terms, the implementation is anything but that!

 You might have heard me speak about other principles like:

  • Respect before popularity
  • Don’t dip down
  • Excellence over perfection
  • Simplicity and focus
  • Speed over accuracy
  • One head to palm one arse to kick

In this episode, I explore some of those shades of gray… some of the nuances of these critical principles. This should help you to understand how to put the principles into context a little better… after all, they live on a continuum, not in a simple binary relationship.


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