Layoffs Are Back: Q&A with Marty and Em

Episode #198 // The great resignation is in full swing, and this is causing a shortage of people in the labor market…which in turn, is pushing up wages…which in turn, is increasing the cost of doing business.


From the other side, the squeeze is coming in the form of higher inflation…which leads to higher input costs…which leads to companies raising their prices…which leads to reduced demand for their products and services.


These market forces are making it harder for companies to remain profitable. And so, the cost-cutting begins. Big tech companies like Netflix, Carvana, and Peloton are laying off staff in their thousands as growth slows.


This affects people’s lives. Those who are laid off, and those leaders whose accountability it is to do the laying off, can be significantly affected by the experience.


In this Q&A episode, we look at layoffs from both sides, and give you some ideas for how to handle it, if you do happen to find yourself on either side of a layoff conversation!

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