It’s STILL Respect Before Popularity: An update on your favorite episode

Episode #206 // The very first episode that we decided to lead out with on the No Bullsh!t Leadership podcast was Respect Before Popularity! We figured that, if we only ever released one episode, we wanted to expose leaders to this concept, above all others. And it turns out that it’s actually still our most popular episode.


So today, I want to revisit that very first episode, and give you an updated version that’s even more accessible… Let’s face it, my delivery in those early episodes was pretty sh!t :-)) 


But that aside, we’ve had an incredible number of leaders contact us to tell us how much of a difference the principle of respect before popularity has made to them, both personally and professionally.


In this episode, as well as recapping the original concepts, I take a deeper dive into the psychological and emotional drivers of conflict aversion, and bring a new perspective on what it takes to win respect.

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