It’s Hard To Say Sorry: So when should you?

Episode 188 // People make mistakes all the time, and leaders are people! More often than not, when a leader makes an honest mistake, everyone just moves on and leaves it behind with no fanfare or post mortem.


But there are times when it’s appropriate for a leader to stand up and say, “Hey, I got this wrong, and I’m sorry”.


Do this too much, and you can appear weak, ineffective, and indecisive. Do it too little, and you can seem arrogant, disconnected, and out of touch! To complicate matters further, it’s not always your choice to make!


In this episode, I examine the pressures facing leaders when they’re deciding whether or not it’s appropriate to say “sorry”, and I outline half a dozen likely scenarios you may find yourself in that require you to make this kind of judgment call.


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