Is Working From Home Working? Getting back to the office

Episode #218 // The dust is well and truly starting to settle on the Covid pandemic, and life is back to relative normality. But one of the lingering hangovers that hasn’t yet lifted is the issue of hybrid work. Many companies are increasingly keen to see their employees return to the office… but many of their people increasingly don’t want to do so.

How is the work landscape developing, and what does it mean for leaders who have to manage their people’s return to the office and, in many cases, set the rules for future expectations and behavior? 

While we immerse ourselves in arguments about the productivity benefits of working from home, many people are becoming jaded with the new work paradigm, as their sense of purpose, team culture, and identity continue to decline.

In this episode, I look at the latest research, surveys, and expert opinions on the return to office minefield. In a broad-ranging episode, I explore some of the challenges that this presents, including what top executives are planning for their companies in 2023, and how to manage the 4 obstacles that could hamper a successful return to the office.

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