Inside Life at the Top: Paul Scurrah Interview

Today we bring you an in-depth interview with Paul Scurrah. Paul is the CEO and Managing Director of rail freight business Pacific National. When we recorded the interview almost 12 moths ago, Paul had just finished his stint as CEO of Australia’s second-largest airline, Virgin Australia, which had undergone a tumultuous change of ownership on the back of the covid pandemic. 

Given that it’s only a couple of days before Christmas, we thought this would be a nice free-flowing discussion for you to sink into as you reminisce about the year that was!

We cover why the airline industry is so tough, yet still so attractive… We talk culture, politics, and crisis management. We talk about how to win the customer, and we even talk about one of Paul’s leadership roles in an organization that wasn’t winning.

Wishing you a very happy and safe holiday from the Your CEO Mentor team!

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