How to Ask Excellent Questions: Nailing interviews, networking and negotiations

Episode #272 // According to LinkedIn, 70% of the global workforce isn't actively job searching, but 87% are open to new opportunities.

This reflects a universal truth in the professional world – many are passively open to new job opportunities, yet they rarely actively pursue them.

It's a common trap that we see even the most ambitious leaders fall into: passively waiting, relying on people in their existing networks to approach them, or counting on that internal promotion that's 'just around the corner'.

If you have any ambition to climb the ladder, it's time to make a choice:

Are you going to remain passive, and let someone else dictate the pace and flow, or are you going to step into the void and take control?

If you're ready to increase the level of control you have over your career, this week’s episode is going to help you - a lot! 

I’m really excited to share with you the replay of the live training Marty did earlier this week on the art of asking. If you want to ask better questions in high-pressure situations like interviews, networking conversations and salary negotiations, this is a MUST LISTEN. 


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