Hiring Better People: Are personality profiles useful?

Episode #237 // If you feel as though you’re struggling to hire the right people at the moment, this episode will rebuild your faith in the process, despite the current labor market dynamics.

Unfortunately, a few poorly-timed or unexpected resignations can leave critical gaps in your capability. And this feels even worse when you place an ad on an online job board expecting an influx of high-quality candidates, only to hear the sound of tumbleweeds sweeping across the tundra.

This can affect your mood, and one of the worrying side-effects of this is that you may begin to feel as though you have to keep all your current employees. You begin to manage your people differently, and lower the standards so you don’t scare any of them off.

This episode covers a huge amount of ground:

  • I address the question, “Why is hiring so difficult?”;
  • I explain how you can use aptitude and psych testing to reduce your risk of hiring the wrong person; and
  • I give you my 6 rules of thumb for executing the hiring process so that you can begin to hire better people


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