High-Impact Decisions: Getting it right when it counts

Episode #216 // Decision-making is a key part of leadership. The ability to make high-impact decisions quickly, under pressure, in a complex and uncertain environment is a core capability for senior leaders… 

If you want to reach the height of your career aspirations, it’s something you need to develop as early as possible.

We make decisions constantly: some big, some small… but all relatively important over time, because they have a cumulative effect.

High-impact decisions are different. They’re the ones that can mean the difference between life and death… or company dominance and complete collapse…

In this episode, I look at what you need to focus on when the stakes are high, and I give you my 7 hot tips for making high-impact decisions!

I've also put these tips into a free PDF downloadable so that you can start working through these strategies right now: Click here to download.

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